Packaging for meat & poultry

Meat and poultry are packaged chilled or frozen, often in a humid environment. A solid board box of SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is robust and compact and retains its maximum strength even under humid conditions. Your product also freezes much faster when packed in solid board. Solid board packaging supplied with a PE liner is suitable for direct food contact, at the same time meeting all the requirements regarding hygiene and food safety. Our boxes are designed to meet all the physical requirements of the supply chain to ensure your product arrives in optimal condition.

Pre-glued boxes

We offer various glued boxes made from solid board, tailored to fit a large range of applications (4point glued boxes, closed with a lid and open top trays). The solid, moisture-resistant boxes offer the highest protection for your products during transport. The packaging is easy to use and contributes to a cost-efficient logistics process. Our high-quality printing techniques make sure that the products are presented in the best possible way.

Depending on the product, we will choose the right type of packaging and material. The packaging will be fully personalized to your logistics process, whether it is manual or (semi-)automatic, or whether it involves loose products or products packed in primary packaging, cooled or frozen.

A solid alternative for plastic trays

For transportation of fresh meat, we supply solid board trays which are a first-class alternative for plastic trays. The tray is for one time use only, which means optimal hygienic safety and no extra costs for cleaning and return freight. After use the tray can be flattened for disposal.

We have the possibility for a machine-erected tray or a Vermak tray. The machine-erected trays are delivered flat and can be folded and glued on a standard erecting machine at the moment you need them. The Vermak tray is delivered folded and glued. The tray can be unfolded manually at the moment you need them, without the use of a machine.

In need for meat and poultry packaging solutions?