High-quality print and image

The first perception of your brand starts with the packaging. Therefore we produce a variety of board for retail ready packaging and shelf ready packaging (SRP) with high-quality print solutions to exploit brand awareness.

When fresh products need to be brought to the attention of consumers, an attractive look will help the selling process. Solid board retail solutions offer this: attractive printing, interesting shapes, high-quality images and ecological material. Available in a wide range of print techniques such as flexo or offset printing, retail ready packaging (RRP) and shelf ready packaging (SRP) gets products from case to shelf in one smooth movement. Your products will receive the attention they deserve when packed in retail packaging made from our solid board.

In need for high-quality prints and images?


PRINTLINE board is finished with high-quality, machine-coated paper which gives perfect support for embossing and many printing techniques like offset print.

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