We breathe sustainability

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS believes in sustainability as it is central to its key business. From natural and recyclable materials to an optimised production process: we are always striving to improve our efficiency and lessen the environmental impact of our actions and products.

Our sustainable commitment

We find it a privilege to work with a sustainable material: old paper contains valuable fibres which can be reused up to seven times in the production of board, which makes solid board a truly sustainable product.

Corporate social responsibility is an integrated and key element of our operational processes. We think it is vital to consider the coming generations. This means that in our processes we continuously seek a more efficient use of energy, making the production chain more sustainable.

In this process, we strive for the smallest possible ecological footprint, and wherever practically feasible, we go well beyond only acceding to statutory requirements. By setting different goals as part of our sustainability programs, we demonstrate to our stakeholders that we aim for a sustainable future.

FSC® certificate

Most of our solid board products,
which are made from recycled paper and board, are FSC® certified.
By using FSC® certified products, we can assure our clients and end users that the products we make are produced in accordance with this sustainable method of forest management. This means that when the FSC® logo is displayed you can be confident that the products have indeed been sustainably sourced. For more information, please visit: info.fsc.org.

Ask for our FSC® certified products

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS converts wastewater into renewable energy

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS recently had an Econvert anaerobic treatment plant installed in Coevorden (the Netherlands). Econvert’s reactors are designed for anaerobic wastewater treatment. Due to the unique settling systems of the reactors, they are able to handle a large variation and different concentrations of wastewater. Anaerobic wastewater treatment is a very effective way of removing biodegradable organic compounds (COD/BOD). Therefore, wastewater becomes a valuable source of energy, in a world where energy becomes more and more scarce.

With this form of wastewater treatment, SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS significantly reduces their ecological footprint. By utilizing the produced biogas, our CO2 footprint is decreased considerably. Currently, already an efficient removal of 85% of COD has been realised. Next to that, a clear OPEX reduction takes place by saving on discharging and energy costs.