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Solid board sheets

Infinite in possibilities

Solid board of SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is a superb packaging material, offering sustainable solutions and a full range of advantages for an enormous variety of markets and products. With our wide series of products and many years of experience we are a leading supplier of solid board for a number of markets.

Advertisement & promotion

We design and produce solid board for your point-of sale (POS) material that will help to drive product brand awareness and retail sales.

Books & stationery

We supply the required solid board solution at all times for a rich repertoire of office requisites and hardcover books.

Interleaving & dividers

We provide you with the most versatile packaging material that offers maximum protection for your products.


We equip customers with the most innovative, protective and eye-catching packaging in the business, and this for over more than 150 years.

Puzzles & games

We developed solid board that is tuned to the perfect production of puzzles and games.

Proud to present our product lines

Our product lines are designed to make it even easier for you to choose the right board for your application.

Why choose solid board sheets?

As an integrated solution provider, we support our customers from the very first beginning and know how to use the advantages of solid board in a superior way.

The most versatile packaging material

Anything you might want to protect, to ship, to cover, to preserve or to promote: solid board will do the job. Your products may be wet, liquid, greasy, luxury, vulnerable or frozen: solid board will take good care. Check out our packaging solutions for a clear overview.

Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are the most cost effective pallet replacements. The benefits range from increasing container fill up by 10% to reducing CO2 emissions through weight savings and lowering your container usage.