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Express your brand with our board solutions

We design and produce quality solid board solutions for product boxes, retail packaging, giveaways, and your point-of-sale (POS) displays. 

Driving brand awareness and retail sales, our versatile and durable solid board goes beyond expectations. 

Here at Solidus Solutions, we have a team of innovative design specialists that love a creative challenge. We work with you to design and deliver outstanding solid board promotional solutions for a wide range of retail uses – to budget and to your exact requirements.

Because we fully appreciate the customer journey, we use our knowledge of advertising psychology to provide you with a design that creates sales and shows your brand at its best. Whatever the board grade and quality you desire, we’ve got you covered.

Display board

Looking for a retail display stand that really stands out?

Our many years of experience means we can seamlessly use our solid board to create highly effective retail displays and point of sale displays.

Whatever the challenge or retail environment may be, our range of board qualities offers a solution, improving the effectiveness of your brand promotion every time. 

Many factors must be taken into consideration when creating the perfect display solution. Construction, materials, and processes are all vitally important to protect the product, present the right image, and be quick and easy to transport, set up, and install.

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Our DISPLAYLINE board is smooth, stiff, stable, and widely known for its quality finish and performance. It offers top-quality screen, offset, and digital printing results. For outdoor advertising boards, our ‘All Weather Display Board’ will withstand all weather conditions. Displayline products are supplied on caliper and can be supplied in large formats.

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Indoor & outdoor advertising

We bring your advertising ideas to life, whether indoors or outdoors. Anything is possible with a solid board base!

Indoor advertising

If you need to represent your message or service in enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, cafes, restrooms, bus stations, sports clubs, and schools, Solidus Solutions is here to help. 

To ensure your product and brand are easily identified and shown at their best, we provide you with the perfect basis for indoor advertising – whether it’s for branding offices, event promotion, election campaigns, or any number of other applications.

Outdoor advertising

With outdoor advertising, it’s important to locate boards strategically to attract the attention of your ideal consumer. 

Whether it’s on a street, in public places, or in specific commercial locations, we can help you create a durable and effective billboard, banner, awning, board, or poster. Whichever application you choose, we’ll provide you with the correct solid board quality.

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