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Exciting possibilities with solid board games

Our infinite variety of solid board options means that we can create an infinite variety of puzzles and board games that are sustainable without compromising on durability. Your games made with solid board will remain complete even after several years of use.

No puzzle or board game material matches up to the longevity of our solid board; it is composed of multiple recycled layers and built to be perfect for complex designs.


The versatility of our solid board ensures limitless possibilities when it comes to board grades, qualities, and aesthetics of your puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzle manufacturers have widely varying ideas about individual piece shapes. We go the extra mile to produce the perfect raw material suited for all shapes. 

Our top-quality solid board offers a long endurance and is easy to die cut, making for a seamless jigsaw puzzle manufacturing process

Many years of experience make Solidus Solutions a trustworthy and reliable partner during product development of your puzzles. 

We bring your ideas to life.

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All types of PUZZLELINE board have been developed to support the perfect production of custom cardboard puzzles and games. Our products are in compliance with the Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Act and DIN EN-71 part 3 (safety and toys). In addition to the standard blue puzzle board, which is produced on a caliper, other greyboard qualities can be used.

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Board games

We know that it’s crucial for your end-product to represent your vision and brand. Combining our long-standing experience of solid board standards with our constant drive to innovate across various markets, we’re able to create interesting solutions for your board games.

Our solid board makes for the perfect board game material and will exceed your expectations for your game board and game boxes. However big or small the challenge, we build to the highest standards, and always to your complete satisfaction. 

Not only is our solid board more eco-friendly, but it’s built to last – your customers will be using your board games for many years to come.

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Luxline G

Our LUXLINE GRAPHIC range is perfect for producing a variety of game boards and game boxes. Built with the impact of humidity in mind, this is a board set to last. We supply LUXLINE G in every desired size and thickness.

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