Our market lines

Designed to make it easier to choose the right board solution for your application.

Implementing customer focus to the full, we introduce you our solid board market lines, each based on the final application and the necessary conversion processes involved.

Why choose solid board sheets?

As an integrated solution provider, we support our customers from the very first beginning and know how to use the advantages of solid board in a superior way.

The most versatile packaging material

Anything you might want to protect, to ship, to cover, to preserve or to promote: Solid Board will do the job. Your products may be wet, liquid, greasy, luxury, vulnerable or frozen: Solid Board will take good care. Check out our packaging solutions for a clear overview.

Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are the most cost effective pallet replacements. The benefits range from increasing container fill up by 10% to reducing CO2 emissions through weight savings and lowering your container usage.