Have you been searching for a POS display unit that balances stability, quality, and aesthetics?

Our Displayline is smooth, stiff, stable, and widely known for its quality finish and performance. It offers top-quality screen, offset, and digital printing results every time, so you don’t have to compromise on your branding and vision.

Long-lasting and sustainable displays

If you’re looking for point of sale display stands for outdoor use, our ‘All Weather Display Board’ doesn’t compromise, offering high durability in all weather conditions. Owing to their supreme moisture-resistance, the quality displays we create can be enjoyed time and again, come rain or shine. 

Here at Solidus Solutions, we know that good design is sustainable without compromising on quality. We make products that are both better fit for purpose and more environmentally-friendly across the supply chain – and our Displayline board is no different.

Displayline products are supplied on caliper and can be produced in large formats to suit your needs.

Read more about its benefits and specifications below.


For outdoor use, our ‘All Weather Display Board’ will withstand all weather conditions. DISPLAYLINE products are supplied on caliper. They can be produced in large formats.

Interested in our cardboard point of sale display solution?

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  • Smooth/stiff/stable material suitable for outdoor & indoor POS display
  • Perfect flatness to display your product at the counter
  • Top-quality screen, offset, and digital board printing results for a variety of retail settings
  • Dust-free
  • Highly suitable for die cutting, scoring, and creasing


  • 0,80 – 2,00 mm print (GD2)
  • 1,75 – 2,00 mm Screen (GC)
  • 1,30 – 2,20 mm premium print (GC)
  • All weather board – sized and PE coated