FOODLINE has been especially designed for food packaging. The board is finished in a glued liner suitable for direct food contact. It prevents migration between packaging and food. When sized, our board is suitable for most products, considerably reducing penetration via board edges. The board is ideal to use for wet products like fish, presenting your product in a nice and tasteful way.


In need for our FOODLINE?


  • Perfect barrier for greasy products
  • Stiff and flat
  • Luxurious image
  • Constant weight
  • By sizing the board, moisture penetration is strongly reduced
  • Excellent cutting, die cutting and rounding of corners
  • Meets FDA, BRC, BGA and HACCP regulations


  • 550 – 950 gsm PET gold foil/PET silver foil (Sized and non-sized)
  • 500 – 950 gsm PET gold foil/PET gold foil (Sized and non-sized)
  • 600 gsm PET silver foil/PET silver foil (Sized)
  • 700-950 gsm PET gold foil/white kraft