Luxline Graphic

This solid board has been specially developed for a range of products, including hardcover books, stationery, and luxury packaging.

As this type of board often comes into contact with other paper, we have designed it with humidity and durability in mind – making this the luxury packaging material of choice for customers looking for high-quality sustainable solutions. 

Luxline G can be supplied in every desired size and thickness to suit your requirements. But we meet more than just your sizing requirements; our engagement and design specialists collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is realised.  

Take a look at some of the benefits and specifications below.

Luxline G

Let’s talk. Give us a call to ask questions and get a quote, or take a look at our Luxury Packaging page for an idea of what’s possible.


  • Smooth texture for the ideal hardcover book material
  • Accurate caliper for your thickness requirements
  • Stable moisture balance, perfect for luxury cosmetic packaging design & more
  • Made sustainably from recovered paper
  • Superb flatness
  • High runnability, allowing you to print your luxury graphics with ease
  • Excellent cutting, die cutting, creasing, and scoring capacity


  • 0.80 mm – 1.40 mm unlined/unlined
  • 1.50 mm – 3.80 mm grey/grey