Our Printline board is finished with high-quality, machine-coated paper to ensure a smooth, even surface. 

Natural, recyclable, and responsibly sourced, Printline board is the ideal support for embossing and various other printing techniques, like offset and the use of special inks. If you’re looking for custom printed packaging, this is the solution for you.

During production, we ensure that all measures are taken to create dust-free offset printing for a perfect result. The possibilities for making your product stand out are only limited by the imagination!

Find out just some of the amazing benefits and specifications of our Printline board below.


Interested in printline for custom printed packaging?

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  • High stiffness that makes embossing on packaging simple
  • Perfect performance in wet and humid conditions
  • High-quality machine-finished coated paper
  • Sustainably made from recycled materials
  • Trouble-free assembly


  • 450 – 800 gsm MC/white kraft
  • 450 – 800 gsm MC/brown kraft
  • 600 – 800 gsm MC/MC
  • 700 gsm MC/wood free offset white
  • 550 – 650 MC/white Kraft + white PE