All types of Puzzleline board are perfectly tuned for the production of high-quality puzzles and games. 

Our sustainable solid board offers infinite possibilities, with its composition perfectly suited to complex designs — with longevity of use, guaranteed.

Not only will our board last you a lifetime, it is also fully compliant with the Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Act and DIN EN-21 part 3 (safety and toys) for complete peace of mind.

The Puzzleline board is customised to you, so that your amazing product can come to life – expertly printed with your design and cut to your exact specifications. As well as the standard blue puzzle board (which is produced on caliper), other greyboard qualities can be used as well.

Browse some of the advantages and specifications below.


Interested in our durable jigsaw cardboard?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like more information or a quote for your specific needs. View our Puzzles & Games page to see what’s possible.


  • Superb flatness makes this the ultimate jigsaw material
  • Sustainably made from recovered materials
  • Excellent creasing, scoring and die-cutting properties to bring jigsaw cardboard to life with any design
  • Stable moisture balance for maximum durability
  • Dust-free


  • 1,30 mm blue unlined
  • 1,30 – 2,25 mm blue lined