Solid board packaging

Always a trusted packaging solution

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of products for a variety of packaging solutions. Solid board as raw material inspires us to offer the sustainable packaging solution you are looking for.

We are experts at all aspects of packaging design, creation, delivery and storage. We are exclusively skilled in making those components part of a complete program that delivers superior service to our customers. With over 150 years of experience, we believe that we can combine our level of expertise with our capacity for innovation like no other company can and this in order to deliver excellent packaging solutions, quality and service for a broad range of products.

Why choose solid board packaging?

Solid board is a superb packaging material, offering sustainable solutions and a full range of advantages.


Discover some of the intelligent solutions we offer for our customers’ questions.

Our vermak tray

The Vermak is our unique, hand-foldable tray. Developed many years ago, the Vermak has found its usage in many countries and many segments.