Fruit & vegetable packaging

Are you looking for a sustainable solution for packaging fruit and vegetables? We are experts at providing fruit & vegetable packaging solutions using solid board. Fruit and vegetables are vulnerable products which require careful protection by their packaging. We offer different packaging solutions that match the varying needs of our customers and which all provide the required level of protection. In addition, the excellent range of printing options we offer will give your product a high quality and distinctive look. Do you want to know more about our fruit & vegetable packaging solutions? Then continue reading!

Our sustainable fruit & vegetable packaging solutions

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is the leading European, sustainable fibre-based packaging manufacturer for food & beverage, consumer goods and industrial applications. With mills and converters across Europe and with over 150 years of experience in our industry, we are an integrated manufacturer of solid board, providing solutions for a variety of industries and customers around the world. One of our specialties is the packaging of fruits and vegetables. These are vulnerable products, and require packaging that provides additional protection. Our sustainable solid board packaging provides the required level of security for these delicate products. We produce packaging for a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, for example:

Fruit and vegetable packaging

All of our fruit and vegetable packaging is made of solid board. Solid board is a superb packaging material, offering a sustainable alternative to many traditional packaging solutions, as well as many other advantages for an enormous variety of markets and products. In addition, our solid board can also be supplied with a moisture protective PE layer, ensuring moisture doesn’t affect the product inside or the strength and structure of the boxes. This makes them suitable for humid, cooling and freezing conditions. Our standard fruit and vegetable box types are discussed below.

In need for fruit and vegetable packaging solutions?



We offer a wide range of solid board for a variety of packaging solutions. PACKLINE’s strong board is very suitable for fresh product packaging. When internally sized and finished with a PE-coated liner. PACKLINE products retain its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions.

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Moisture resistant

Our packaging retains its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions. In extremely wet conditions, our Sapino®-treated solid board with PE coating offers the required water resistance for packaging your ice cube chilled products.

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High quality print

Our boxes are beautiful just the way they are. But we also offer standard and high quality printing and consult you on the optimal laminating for your printing quality requirements. Upon request, we even print with your unique color code.

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Some of the best box types in the fruit & vegetable packaging portfolio

4-Point Box

This fibre-based board box is very suitable for packing in moist and chilled situations. It is easily opened and filled by hand or filled on an automatic filling line. This box type is extremely cost-efficient throughout the entire logistics chain.

Hand erected tray

This extremely strong pop up tray is a hand foldable tray with an innovative corner construction. No erecting machines are required and erecting can be done at every location. We deliver this tray flat folded to you which saves space while being stocked.

Machine erected tray

The machine erected tray is foremost suitable for quick packaging of large batches of vegetables and fruit. The tray is erected fully automatically and can be used in standard automatic filling and palletising lines.


Fibre-based punnets offer a 100% recyclable alternative to polystyrene, plastic and wooden equivalents. Available in standard sizes, our punnets offer optimal protection for your products and will ensure your brand stands out at point of sale.

Small Portion Pack (SPP)

By using Small Portion Pack (SPP), designed for transport and sales of asparagus, you improve the profitability from factory to supermarket. You reduce costs in the supply chain while improving the look and feel on the shelves.

Open-Close Box

The Open-Close box system allows direct access to the product without having to remove the lid from the base. This type of packaging is ideal for products requiring light protection like chicory.

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