Solid board asparagus packaging for transport and sales

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS has developed Small Portion Pack (SPP), a specific solid board concept for asparaugs packaging. The new SPP design, that can be used as transport as well as sales packaging, ensures that the delicate asparagus do not slide against each other during transport and that the vegetables are optimally presented in the store.

Fruit & vegetables

Asparagus packaging for transport

Safe and fast

The new asparagus packaging helps with the protection of your product. The asparagus cannot move, therefore, cannot break inside the box. There is also sufficient space between the tip of the asparagus and the upper part of the SPP in order to protect the product anytime, also during the transportation process.

The asparagus remain fresh since it is possible to pack the asparagus in refrigerated rooms with curtains of mist. Our SPP, made of recycled solid board, is eminently suitable for cold and humid environments.

The Small Portion Pack (SPP) is can be set up manually and is easy to fill thanks to the “open close system” of the package. The packing process is therefore more environmentally conscious and more efficient compared to other packaging materials, such as corrugated board, which also requires an extra plastic bag to fill the box in a food-safe way.

Manual construction

Asparagus packaging for sales

Retail ready packaging (RRP)

Asparagus-Small Portion Packaging-Solidus-Solutions

The retail ready asparagus packaging (‘Retail Ready Packaging’) lead to a potentially higher turnover and lower costs in your logistics chain. By using the SPP, which is specifically produced for small quantities (1-2 persons), you make life easier for the consumer. In addition, profitability improves from the factory floor to the supermarket, by reducing costs in the supply chain and improving availability on the shelf.

This solid board packaging is also excellent to print with the highest quality printing techniques. The recesses at the top and bottom ensure good visibility of the asparagus and optimal product presentation.

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