Packaging for fruit & vegetables

Vulnerable products such as fruit and vegetables require additional protection. Each product has its own logistical process. Our smart designs protect your products, while the manifold printing options give your product a distinctive look and feel. Our solid board can also be supplied with a moisture protective PE layer, ensuring moisture does not influence the integral strength of the boxes. This makes them suitable for humid and cooling conditions.

Base and lid

We have numerous possibilities for 4point glued or manually assembled fruit and vegetable bases and lids. The quality of our packaging ensures that the food stays fresh during transportation and storage. The packaging, which is available in many different sizes, can be used both in automated as manual productions.


Our vermak tray is a unique hand foldable tray with an innovative corner constructi­on. It is used in many countries and many segments. We deliver this tray flat folded to you which saves space in your warehouse while being stocked. No erecting machines are required and erecting can be done at every location.

Retail (SRP)

When fresh products need to be brought to the attention of consumers, an attractive look will help the selling process. Solid board retail solutions offer this: attractive printing, interesting shapes, ecological material and perfect in humid conditions. Your products will receive the attention they deserve when packed in solid board.

Machine erected trays

We also supply a complete range of machine erected trays. All sizes can be offered as well as a wide variety of solid board qualities that give the characteristics that are needed for the specific product and supply chain. Next to our printed sheets, we also offer the service that is needed on the machine side, from supplying the erecting machines to complete machine services, year-round and where ever needed

In need for fruit and vegetable packaging solutions?

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