Our Meat & Poultry Packaging –
standardized and customizable

Meat and poultry are packaged chilled or frozen and often in humid environment. A solid board box is robust and compact and retains its maximum strength even under humid conditions. Your product also freezes much faster when packed in fibre based board.

Solid board packaging supplied with a PE liner is suitable for direct food contact, at the same time it meets all the requirements regarding hygiene and food safety. Our boxes are designed to be up to all physical requirements of the supply chain to ensure your product arrives in optimal condition.

The packaging will be fully fitted to your logistics process, whether it is manual or (semi) automatic, or whether it involves loose products or products packed in primary packaging, cooled or frozen.


Meat packaging must be safe and durable. Hygiene is a very sensitive factor during the slaughter and cutting of the meat. A constant temperature of maximum 4°C during the packing process is crucial to avoid nucleation.

Fibre based board has high freezing qualities. Due to the fact that there is no trapped air within the board, there is no insulating effect which speeds up the freezing process. Depending on a customer’s situation of packaging and the freezing tunnel, the freezing time can be reduced by 30-50%.

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Poultry packaging must be strong and durable, as the goods are packed in conditions of high moisture and low temperatures.
SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS Packaging provides optimum moisture control which will be reached either by a leakproof base or a perfect pattern of holes. This way, the products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

We provide PE coated and uncoated boxes for direct and indirect food contact. The PE coated boxes have the advantage that products can be directly frozen in the box without additional bags. This is sustainable, saves time and money and there is no risk of poultry sticking to the box.

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A solid alternative for
plastic packaging

For transportation of fresh meat, we supply solid board boxes which are a first-class alternative for returnable plastic crates (RPC). The boxes are for one time use only, which means optimal hygienic safety and no extra costs for cleaning and return freight. After use the boxes can be flattened for disposal.

Our solid board packaging takes up to seven times less space than RPC, minimising shipping costs and reducing use of your storage space. We opt for the best palletizing solution possible, preferably with inter-stackable formats.

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We offer a wide range of solid board for a variety of packaging solutions. PACKLINE’s strong board is very suitable for fresh product packaging. When internally sized and finished with a PE-coated liner. PACKLINE products retain its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions.

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Our packaging retains its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions. In extremely wet conditions, our Sapino®-treated solid board with PE coating offers the required water resistance for packaging your ice cube chilled products.

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fast freezing

Our solid board packaging is suitable for frozen products. The minimal thickness of the board results in shorter freezing times. Solid board is well suited to storage and transport in cold stores and freezers.

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Our solid board packaging takes up to seven times less space than polystyrene boxes, minimizing shipping costs and reducing use of your storage space. We opt for the best palletizing solution possible, preferably with inter-stackable formats.

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Our boxes are beautiful just the way they are. But we also offer standard and high quality printing and consult you on the optimal laminating for your printing quality requirements. Upon request, we even print with your unique color code.

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4-Point Box

This fibre based board box is very suitable for packing in moist and chilled situations. It is easily opened and filled by hand or filled on an automatic filling line. In addition, the box type is extremely cost-efficient throughout the entire logistics chain.

4-Point reinforced corner Box

For higher demands in stackability and maximum weight on pallet, we have designed the reinforced corner base. Three layers of our fibre based board make the corners extra strong in a very material efficient way. This box is designed for staple stacking.

4-Point DLS Box

DLS stands for Double Long Side. The box comes with double material enforcement for extra stability. It enables longer transport and keeps your goods safe even in shaky environments like ships and trucks. It is suitable for both meat and poultry.

Leakproof Box

The leakproof box comes in our food safe PE coated board which is perfect for direct food contact. Meat or poultry can be filled in humid conditions (up to 95%), yet the box stays solid. Due to the approved corner construction, all liquids are kept inside.

6-Point Box

With the 6-Point Box, you will only need one product instead of one lid and one base – no more mixing up! This fiber based board box is suitable for both meat and poultry and is fitted to your transport bases. Still, it works in a supermarket store as a great POS product.

Fully Customizable Portfolio

The Standard Portfolio covers most cases. If you can’t find the right solution in the Standard Portfolio you can still customize it to create the ideal box for your business.

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The JAN Veal Packaging
– a success story

VanDrie Group offers ready-to-use veal products at the highest demands in convenience and meat quality. SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS performed a packaging solution for one of their brands called ‘JAN’.

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