Society is in constant flux. Change is the norm.

New products perpetually expand in all directions, across all sectors. This makes it increasingly difficult for producers not to get lost in the resulting melee. Today more than ever, a product’s packaging forms a vital marketing tool for presenting your product in a distinctive manner. Solid board has a number of key advantages. We enjoy developing innovative packaging solutions together with you.

In need for special solutions?

Food plates

Our solid board food plates are an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene or plastic discs or trays.

We supply plates in all kinds of shapes and in a range of sizes, which are suitable for both automated and manual preparation of your products like smoked salmon, chocolates, cakes, sweets or pizza. Our food plates ensure optimal presentation of your product to the consumer either on shelf or at home. The board is laminated (one or both sides) with PET-foils (gold/silver/black) making it suitable for direct food contact.

In need for our food plates?

In cooperation with Mobil Den Hartog, authorized dealer in the Netherlands for Mobil lubricants, SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS, producer of solid board and solid board packaging, developed the revolutionary 20 liter Bag-in-Box-solution. The container passed some major UN-tests and has been approved for UN-II and UN-III class liquids. Bag-in-Box may now be used to contain goods with medium danger (UN-II) and goods with low danger (UN-III).

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