Why choose our Solid Board Packaging?

Solid board is a superb packaging material, offering sustainable solutions and a full range of advantages.

Solid board packaging has a number of unique qualities. It is moisture resistant, environmentally friendly, compact and can be supplied with individual and high quality printing. This enables us to offer a solution to just about every packaging problem.


Our solid board packaging stimulates unique and top quality branding. The flat and even surface provides high quality printing opportunities for both offset and flexo printing, ensuring a unique product presentation. Special printing and embossing techniques can be used to make a product that stands out.


Our solid board packaging provides perfect storage, transport and product protection, guaranteeing puncture resistance and high stackability. For example, solid board is both strong and eminently suitable for packing vulnerable products, such as vegetables, fruit and flowers.


Our solid board packaging retains its strength, shape and volume in humid and wet conditions. It can be treated with a water resistant PE layer, making it ideal for cooling and humid conditions. Even in extremely wet conditions, Sapino® gives the highest protection against moisture. Sapino®-treated solid board with a PE coating can resist even the wettest conditions.


Our solid board packaging is compact and offers numerous logistical advantages. It takes up less space in transport, storage and handling, resulting in a reduction in the total cost of packaging. Compared to corrugated board, solid board volume savings can be more than 50%.


Our solid board packaging can be customized to specific requirements. Smart constructions can be realized in many different designs and dimensions. Complex packaging solutions are brought within easy reach by means of accurate die cutting, creasing, scoring, folding, and gluing.

Retail Ready Packaging is the family name for all transport packaging specially designed to help retailers run their stores with greater ease (shelf ready). It is designed for minimal handling, quick refill and attractive display. Easy opening is therefore guaranteed with a perfect tear-open system that leaves clean edges.


Our solid board packaging is an environmentally friendly, entirely recyclable natural product. It is suitable for direct food contact, thanks to our certified production process, enabling us to guarantee the quality and safety of your food. Solidus Solutions is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificated. We also meet the FDA, BRC and HACCP requirements. Therefore SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS is a reliable and trustworthy partner for any packaging manufacturer. See our downloads & certificates.


Our solid board packaging is suitable for frozen products. The minimal thickness of the board results in shorter freezing times. As solid board is water resistant, it is very well suited to storage and transport in cold stores and freezers like fish products.

Our product lines

We have implemented several solid board product lines, designed to make it easier to choose the right board solution for your application.


Our solid board is the ideal material to package fresh fish, round fish and salmon.

Slip sheets

Slip sheets are the most cost effective pallet replacements. The benefits range from increasing container fill up by 10% to reducing CO2 emissions through weight savings and lowering your container usage.

Trash compactor for airline industry

Over the past years, we have designed, tested and produced a premium quality Trash Compactor Case.